Jadeite jade tipus C

jadeite tipus jade c
El jadeït jade tipus C s’ha impregnat d’un colorant de color i s’ha millorat el seu aspecte de color.

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En alguns casos, la pedra serà tractada amb àcid, tenyida, i després impregnada de polímer per dificultar la detecció.


To the average person it is near impossible to spot the difference between natural and treated stone. Experienced jade cutters can tell the difference because of the slight change in weight as treated jade is infused with polymer resin which is lighter than its original form.

Even so, this examination by touch is not 100% guaranteed and often for valuable jadeite items it is safer to have it certified at the gemstone laboratory. The certification is divided into three categories: Type A, Type B and Type C.

Jade tipus Jadeite

El tipus A és natural i té un veritable color. No hi ha tractaments artificials.

Busqueu inclusions negres, grogues o marrons. Es poden tractar de gran quantitat d’inclusions negres, tal com es pot veure en varietats de color verd flor, o inclusions petites, de color gris fosc o groguenc, prop de traços. De vegades, aquestes petites inclusions poden ocultar-se a prop de les configuracions de les anelles.

Jadeite de tipus B

El tipus B va aparèixer per primera vegada a les 1980, conegut com a jade blanquejat. Tractat per eliminar inclusions grogues, marrons o negres. Injectat amb polímer per augmentar la transparència.

Poor varieties of jade such as moss-in-snow, flower green, and extreme pea green reveal original characteristics visible to the naked eye even after blanqueig. For instance, black patches of inclusions in flower-green jade are not completely removed, but lightened in color and appear blurry to the naked eye.

And finally Jadeite jade type C

Type C has been chemically bleached, then dyed to enhance color. Dye will fade over time due to reaction with strong light, body heat, or household detergent .

You may notice the color of the jade appears to be an awkward bluish green. Another distinguishing feature is the fine green dipping sections visible to the naked eye. Similar to dipping one side of a donut into a green icing glaze, a jade bangle is dipped into a dye solution, creating a dipping donut effect.

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